Why hire a Proposal Planner?

When you think about it planning the perfect proposal is not at all easy. It tends to be a lot of pressure and ideas running through your mind. Proposal planners can help you plan the perfect proposal for your other half. I know what your thinking – Why do I need a proposal planner?

Well let me simplify it as much as I can for you. Having an extensive and knowledgeable background in events and helping coordinate weddings, I knew how much people tend to struggle when putting together what is supposed to be the beginning moment of their lives together, a story they would tell forever. Being able see couples in that “YES” moment is what keeps me going.

At some point in the planning process you may get stuck. Maybe you are unsure about the perfect proposal, décor or how to bring together all those amazing ideas?! But that is okay because that is what Making Memoirs is here for.

Luckily for you, did you know that proposers now have proposal planners that can offer a helping hand to you to make sure your day is all it can be?! Here are the reasons you should hire a proposal planner when you are pop the big question.


This is a very important day to your other half (girlfriend or boyfriend). You don’t want your proposal to be like everyone else, it should be something you are able to tell for the rest of your lives, with pride. You want to do something that is unique to your relationship and personalized for your sweetheart. It’s the beginning of your story, that has never been told.

At Making Memoirs, coming up with the proposal idea might be the hardest part of the process, but working with one another, I can guarantee that will happen. There are also several parts to making it perfect, therefore I do all arrangements needed with the vendors from the florist, photographer to the venue and more. But the most important part is knowing that hiring a proposal planner takes the stress off your back, so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying this memorable night with your partner. Making Memoirs lives for making that happen being a proposal expert and working with you to come up with your happily ever after and get that YES!